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I decided to do this website for several reasons. This will allow us to better stay in touch and keep up with one another. Also, we will be better able to plan and organize our reunions or just some get togethers. The technology that has come out since even our last reunion has been amazing. The chat forums are real cool and will allow for more interaction among our classmates. Anyway, browse around and see if you can hook up with some old friends. Speaking of old, man are we getting old!

The forums that are available with this site are neat and, best of all, free. I have set up some topics for general discussion, etc. You will need to enter your information and come up with a nic.


Send us some pics (from high school and current)! I will get them posted on the site. I would like to make a page for each classmate. Kind of their own web site. We will have to see how list goes and whether anyone wants such an animal.

In any event, I hope to make this a place to put our old pics, our new pics and to be able to stay in touch for many years to come. The only way that will happen is by participation. So, send in your stuff and we will get it posted.


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