Class of 1978
MacArthur High School ~ Class of 1978

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The official list of graduates of the Class of 1978

The plan is to make a web page for each classmate. Send us your information re occupation, family, married name, etc. The contact info is   We also need pictures and information on deceased classmates.

Adamczyk, Mary
Avera, Craig
Beaty, William D.
Bishop, Jo Ann
Braddy, James Walter
Brown, Lenora
Burton, Joy Denise
Carson, Larry L.
Cheney, Patricia
Conner, Randy P.
Cox, Diedre Lynne
Deatherage, La-Dena
Duncan, Michael R.
Ebisch, Teresa
Ensey, Vivian K.
Fernandez, Contesa
Fitzgerald, Nancy Ann
Fordham, Ricky
Gamblin, Tammye Louise
Gomez, Carlos F.
Greb, Christine I.
Hall, Gina R.
Harrison, Debra L.
Hayes, Charlotte R.
Hill, Janet L.
Holder, Cornet
House, Karen E.
Jones, Laura
Kettering, Lynn M.
Latimer, Denise L.
Lee, Sonya
Martin, Pamela
Mattila, Pamela Jo
McGee, Donald
McWhorter, Brenda
Moon, Steven
Morris, Vanessa
Mullen, Marlene F.
Niedermeier, Antonio M.
Patterson, Carledna
Poirier, Careese A.
Ratliff, David W.
Reynolds, Linda
Rochester, Sandra J.
Seritt, Perry Wayne
Shurburn, Anthony W.
Smith, Jimmy
Snowden, John D.
Stewart, Jeffrey T.
Tackett, Dawn
Thomas, Mike
Turner, Michael
Varline, Steven F.
Watkins, Mary
Williams, J. Randy
Wing, John W.
Aumann, Randy Scott
Ball, James Lynn
Belcher, Therese L.
Bjork, Tawna
Brister, Dee Anna
Brown, Marsha A.
Campbell, Richard E.
Carter, James D.
Cole, Melanie C.
Coons, Bonita Rae
Davis, Esther L.
DeForest, Robin A.
Duncan, Wanda
Elam, Patricia Kaye
Evans, John Michael
Fernandez, Omar
Ford, Lee Ann
Franklin, Donna
Garrett, Gary
Gonzalez, Antonio
Griswold, Pamela J.
Hamilton, Toni Lynn
Harrison, Gregory P.
Henson, David L.
Hill, Jennifer A.
Hollins, Avis
Howard, Brent M.
Kennedy, Cynthia
Kirkwood, Tamara J.
Laughy, Sharon
Lindsay, Kathy Sue
Massey, Donald K.
Mauro, Peggy G.
McLennan, David
Metzinger, Bruce A.
Moranville, Mary Ann
Mossa, Carol
Murray, Velma L.
Ozuna, Emilio
Pitcher, Ralph Stephen
Ramos, Mark
Ray, Kelly L.
Richardson, Teri
Rogers, Kathy
Shelton, Jr., George
Sims, Mark
Smith, Maurine
Sowers, Rex Leo
Stormer, Donald
Teel, Michael Anthony
Thorne, Mike
Valdez, Eddie
Waldroop, Ray N.
Whitehill, William H.
Williams, Patricia
Woodard, JoAnn
Austin, Patricia
Barfield, Paul R.
Berry, Richard Earl
Booth, Kelly
Brown, Danny
Bryant, Frederick
Carpenter, Jr., Harold
Casper, Theresa
Coleman, Donald J.
Cooper, V. Mike
Day, Ronald
Duffy, Philip C.
Dwinell, Revis Eugene
English, Thomas
Fehring, Teresa
Fitzgerald, Barry
Ford, Roberta
Galbraith, Kelly K.
Giles, Donna G.
Goodwin, Steven E.
Guerrero, Anneli
Hanley, Gerald
Hartline, Ricky H.
Herring, Michael E.
Hill, Terisa
Holmstrom, Steven J.
Johnson, Patrice A.
Kern, Daniel R.
Krows, Cheryl L.
Lee, Deborah
Lynch, Donnie
Mattila, Edward
McClung, Joel C.
McMahan, Joe D.
Miller, Scott B.
Morris, Lawrence J.
Mullen, Charlene M.
Nickle, Jeffrey Henry
Paciello, Rocco
Poe, Gregory
Rankin, Karen Gean
Recer, Lana
Roath, Anthony
Russell, Patricia Sue
Short, David
Smith, Charles O.
Smith, William K.
Stevenson, Odell D.
Suazo, Marlon
Thomas, Clarence
Turner, Karen
Valentine, Stacy Leon
Walker, Kassie Ann
Whitney, Sherry
Wilson, Lorna
Young, Bart A.


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